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Collaborative approach to support MS suffer conquer Mt Everest

April 12,2016 In General news

Falls Creek Resort Management has been supporting MS sufferer, Bobby Bajram, in his quest to be the first sufferer to conquer Mt Everest.  Bobby has been visiting Falls Creek during the summer and winter months over the last 3 years to train for his epic trip.  ‘Falls Creek terrain and altitude is the ideal location for me to prepare for my treks.  The employees and locals are really welcoming and are like family’ says Bobby.

In order to take his training up a step, in preparation for his trip to the South Col in September 2016, Disabled Wintersport Australia (DWA) Volunteers will be offering guided support when Bobby is in Falls Creek training.  The volunteers will trek with Bobby over the coming months to provide support and ensure he is in the best shape possible to take on his next challenge. 

In October 2015, Bobby took on Mera Peak, at 6461m this is the next of the smaller Nepal Himalaya peaks, and has previously climbed Kala Patthar.  All going to plan Bobby plans to summit Mt Everest in 2017. 

Bobby is the youngest person to ever be diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in Australia.  At the age of 13 he was legally blind and in a wheelchair. After spending 5 years in and out of blindness, he spent a further 9 years intermittently confined to a wheelchair, and for the rest of his life he relies on walking stick during the ongoing bouts remitting relapses of MS.

Bobby has set himself the task of reaching the peak of Mt Everest to show that MS does not rule his life and also to raise disability awareness and encourage those with disabilities to take action in order to improve themselves.

Bobby’s quest is to raise awareness and funds for people with disabilities and their careers. Importantly Bobby wants to show that Multiple Sclerosis (MS) doesn’t rule his life and to encourage others with disabilities to take action in order to improve their quality of life.  He also aims to put together a $100 million trust fund for people with disabilities and various support groups to give them the assistance and care they regularly need.

Established in 1978 as the Australian Disabled Skiers Federation, and now known as Disabled Wintersport Australia. (DWA) assists thousands of individuals with disabilities to participate in winter sports annually.  National Program Manager, Sven Erikson, says ‘It is a great opportunity for us to support disability inclusion into alpine activities all season to enhance our existing winter program’.

For more information please contact:
Jo Prothero, FCRM, Marketing & Communications Manager: [email protected], 03 5758 1229 or 0400 665 405
Sven Erikson, Disabled Wintersport Australia- National Program Manager Sven Erikson [email protected], 0406 367 899