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Wishing Well Falls Creek

Grade Intermediate

Distance Approx 1.3 km

Riding Time 5 - 10 minutes

Gradient XC Flow descent

Fitness Level Low endurance, Medium technical skills

A gnarly descent with big features and even bigger berms - link up with High Voltage and Flowtown for a Summit to Ticket Box Descent.

Wishing Well is a great connector but a highlight trail in itself. Steeper than most of the descents at Falls, it is fast and flowing but with some very decent rock armoured drops and features to break things up. Hit the berms hard, they've been built wide for speed!

Getting to Wishing Well is easy on its own - the trail starts at the end of the Aqueduct Trail, but you can also use it as the middle link in the Summit to Ticket Box, linking up where High Voltage ends and finishing at the start of Flowtown. 


1 Slalom Street, Falls Creek, 3699