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Vortex Falls Creek

Grade Intermediate

Distance Approx 2.2 km

Riding Time 10 - 15 minutes

Gradient Moderate XC Flow descent

Fitness Level Low endurance, Medium technical skills


Winding in and out of the snowgums and ski trails, Vortex is a great exercise in Cross Country descent.

Berms, rocks, jumps and drops - take it all in as you descend from the heights of Pretty Valley road to Slalom Plaza ground zero. This is very much a track of two halves, split in the middle by the Aqueduct trail and with separate trails above and below. On the upper section get a good feel for XC riding as you twist in and out of the snowgum terrain with plenty of rocks and roots to negotiate as you cross Wombats Ramble. Below the Aqueduct get ready for some berm riding practice. Keep an eye out for loads of rocky jump spots - most with a B line to avoid if you aren't feeling too adventurous.

This trail is best ridden as an extension of the Jumpstart climb or Generator descent at the Pretty Valley Road intersection. With the Aqueduct Trail slicing through the middle of Vortex and Jumpstart you can also ride both top and bottom sections of each as a separate loop. This is particularly handy if you are after a short 15 minute ride with less climb.


, Falls Creek, 3699