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Thunderbolt Falls Creek

Grade Advanced

Distance Approx 2.1 km

Riding Time 10 - 20 minutes

Gradient All Mountain descent with natural and machine built features

Fitness Level High endurance, High technical skills

The drops can seem daunting but B lines make this accessible to most at intermediate level and above.

Technically not a downhill trail but as downhill as Falls Creek gets. Tackling Thunderbolt at full lilt takes guts and skill with some big rock armouring sections and semi-cliff drops as you pass over the face of the summit. Negotiate the exposed rock sections and you will soon drop down into the snow gums into familiar fXC territory as the flow takes over to wind down the hill. Jumps are there to be had as are big berms. 

On a Chair-lifted day there is no better run for laps as this starts and finishes at either end of the Summit Chair. For all other days use Eagle Rock to climb to the Summit or take the easy way with a shuttle dropoff up top on weekends.


1 Slalom Street, Falls Creek, 3699