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SpaQ Falls Creek

With smooth tunes, a stylishly vibrant look, and an awesome team of spa specialists, spaQ takes a playful approach to feeling well and looking great.

SpaQ is the perfect complement to your skiing experience. For a pre-ski warm up, SpaQ will have you primed and primped to hit the slopes looking and feeling your best. And for après-ski recovery, nothing beats some hands-on healing.

At spaQ we do things a little differently to fit in with your individual groove. As well as packing our menu with some serious therapeutic punch, we made room for flexibility, customisation and individualisation.

For a start, we don’t pressure you to make your treatment selection in advance. Just reserve your time and then, with the help of your therapist, you can choose a treatment experience when you arrive. That way you get exactly what you need on the day rather than something that feels so… umm, last week. That’s what we call a freshly picked spa experience! Life is more fun when we leave space for spontaneity, don’t you think? If you prefer to book your treatment in advance, please go ahead. Be sure to check out the Accessories section of the menu; that’s where you will find some fabulous flourishes that will help turn your spa visit into a spa fusion masterpiece.

SpaQ… it’s better than Schnapps!


Slalom Plaza - QT Falls Creek, Falls Creek, 3699