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Lakeview Falls Creek

Grade Intermediate

Distance Approx 1.5 km

Riding Time 5 minutes

Gradient Slight initial climb before moderate descent

Fitness Level Low endurance, Low technical skills


Lakeview is fun scoot out to Rocky Valley Lake with loads of flow and rollers. 

The initial climb to lakeview is slight and the only one encountered on the trail. Starting this climb is the longest bridge in the Falls Creek Park which is wide enough to be considered easy. Once onto the descent you can leave the pedals alone for much of the trail as you flow down to Panorama corner over some smile-inducing rollers. Out of the snowgums get ready for some berms and small water crossings as you criss-cross your way to the waterfront.

The best access is riding up Jumpstart but you can  make your way to the trailhead also by walking your bike down the very end of this trail from Pretty Valley Road being very careful to avoid uphill traffic. Note Jumpstart is uphill only so riding down it is strictly forbidden.


, Falls Creek, 3699