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Induction & Short Circuit Falls Creek

Grade Easy

Distance Approx 2.5 km

Riding Time 5 - 10 minutes

Gradient XC Flow link/loop

Fitness Level Easy endurance, Easy technical skills

An easy out from the Village to Nordic Bowl, it's the perfect trail for first timers.

The Nordic Bowl opens up an ideal learning ground for those new to singletrack trails. Taking the 2 way Induction gives an easy, at times flowy access out and back from the village. In the Nordic Bowl Short Circuit then takes riders on a sightseeing trail around this beautiful spot whilst factoring in some entry level rollers and other features.

Access is easy with the Aqueduct trail cutting through the Nordic Bowl. You can otherwise jump onto Short Circuit with the trailhead directly opposite the Police Station beside the Bogong High Plains Rd.


1 Slalom Street, Falls Creek, 3699