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Generator Falls Creek

Grade Intermediate

Distance Approx 3.2 km

Riding Time 30 - 40 minutes

Gradient XC loop combining Moderate switchback climb & XC Flow descent

Fitness Level Medium endurance, Medium technical skills

The climb takes a little grinding to start but once going you're in for some great XC over the ski fields and a fast belt down.

Generator is essentially 2 trails that combine to make a single direction loop. Starting where Wombats Ramble joins Pretty Valley Road, a relatively straight climb up Wombats then makes way to series of wide switchbacks as you climb the Drovers Dream ski run. Follow the road around the front of of Cloud 9 and you soon lead to the Ski Patrol Base for the start of the XC descent. 

Downhill things get nice and fast and there are some worthy jumps and berms built to keep you on your toes. Hit the bridges too fast and you may risk a tumble downhill but overall this is an easy to manage trail with intermediate skills. 

To access the start either ride uphill along Pretty Valley Road until Wombats Ramble or just continue on from Jumpstart. You can bypass the climb section if you prefer by using a steeper but shorter climb to Ski Partol Base up Lorna's Link. Pushing a bit further up Pretty Valley Road until the main road swings round to the left is the easiest but longest route to the descent start at Ski Patrol Base.


1 Slalom Street, Falls Creek, 3699