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Frying Pan & High Voltage Falls Creek

Grade Intermediate/Advanced

Distance Approx 3.6 km

Riding Time 25 - 35 minutes

Gradient XC Flow descent

Fitness Level Medium endurance, High technical skills

Enjoy the winding shoot out to the Trig then get ready for huge lines of jumps, bridges and berms.

This is possibly the biggest adrenaline rush in the entire network. Starting from the Summit, Frying Pan is a fun two-way boot on crushed rock out to one of the best viewpoints at Falls in the Trig. From here it's all guts or no glory as High Voltage's steep rock armouring descends 50m in just half a kilometer. Keep your nerve, things level out from here for the signature XC flow seen in a lot of the other trails.

Lines of multiple jumps is joined by a series of berms and bridges as you traverse the mountain face to swing down to the Wishing Well. It's your call from here - either ride back to the village along the Aqueduct or continue on down Wishing Well and then on to Flowtown.

Access is pretty simple, the Summit is a standard climb up Pretty Valley Road and Summit Access Road or you can use the new uphill singletrack of Eagle Rock starting in the Village Bowl. Ride down the International Poma line and look for the crushed rock trail to the left near the top.


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