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Flowtown Falls Creek

Grade Intermediate

Distance Approx 6.1 km

Riding Time 25 - 40 minutes

Gradient XC Flow descent with undulating terrain, rollers, bridges and berms

Fitness Level Medium endurance, Medium technical skills

The big daddy of the lot, a super-fun flow that rides like a pump track & feels like it never ends!

Flowtown is the trail we've been waiting for. Tracking at just over 6km it joins up the end of Wishing Well enabling a 10km, 525m descent from the Summit all the way to the Ticket Box at Howmans Gap.

There are no real breaks in Flowtown, once you get going it is a fun stretch the whole 6km. A/B jump lines make for some great technical riding whilst water-crossing bridges have been kept wide to ride at speed without too much worry of what's below. The standout is the rolling nature of the trail, literally kilometres at a time of big rollers that you can hit with great speed yet wash it off with the next regulating bump. Ride it hard or treat it like a pump track, Flowtown is going to leave you with a smile on your face and an impatient look for the shuttle pickup so you can ride it again

If you happen to ride outside of the weekend (and let's face it, you're going to want to ride this any day you are at Falls), the repurposed walking trail of Packhorse gives an intermediate return trail of 4.2km through a historic route taken back in pioneering times up to Falls Creek village. It's worth the climb if you've never seen this trail and a lot more fun that the main road.


1 Slalom Street, Falls Creek, 3699