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A Season Permit offers the best value if you plan to visit Falls Creek for 7 days or more. With a Season Permit you can visit as many days as you like and avoid stopping at the ticket box as you drive to the Village. Season Pass sales are open at the price of $325. This is cheaper than an 8 day Permit under regular pricing.

Early Bird (until April 30)$295$325
Regular Sales (From May 1)$325$395
All Victorian Resorts (until April 30)$558$558
All Victorian Resorts (After May 1)$660$660
Over 65 Discount*$245$245

*Proof of age and ownership of vehicle must be verified for over 65 discount

For all regular visits Daily Permits are available at $45 per day when bought online – a price freeze on 2015. Purchases made at the Resort Entry gate will cost $49.50

Permits bought online are around 10% cheaper than buying at the gate. New this season, you can now print out your receipt and display in the windscreen as your Permit – this means no stopping at Resort Entry which saves you time.

Length Of StayPriceArrive after 1pmArrive after 4pm
2 Days$90$67$45
3 Days$135$112$90
4 Days$180$157$135
5 DAys$225$202$180
6 Days$270$247$225
7 Days$315$292$270
8 DaysSeason Pass $325Season Pass $325$315
Length of StayPriceArrive after 1pmArrive after 4pm
Day Trip$49.50$25FREE
2 Days$99$74.50$49.50
3 Days$148.50$124$99
4 Days$198$173.50$148.50
5 Days$247.50$223$198
6 Days$297$272.50$247.50
7 Days$346.50$322$297
8 DaysSeason Pass $395$371.50$346.50
9 DaysSeason Pass $395Season Pass $395Season Pass $395
Over 65 Discount*$40 per day$22FREE

*Over 65 discount not available online for Daily Permits. Proof of age and ownership of vehicle must be verified .

When arriving by bus Resort Entry is included in the cost of your ticket. Driving your own bus (any vehicle with 13 seats or more) is charged at $18 per person ($8 for children 5-17 & school groups). This is charged per entry so there is just one charge if you stay in Falls Creek or one charge per day if staying off-mountain.

Trailers and Motorbikes are permitted  at $15 per day but may not be granted entry at times when snow chains are being fitted.

Length of StayPurchase at Resort
Bus$18 Per Entry
Bus (Child 5 - 17)$8 Per Entry
School Bus$8 Per Entry
Trailer$15 Per Day
Motorbike$15 Per Day