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1 Metre Mark

August 05,2015 In Snow

Falls Creek has smashed through the 1 Metre barrier in spectacular fashion! 27cm of fresh snow has been recorded since the start of the week (10cm of this last night) which has been enough to boost the natural snow depths to over a metre at all measure points for 107cm average across the resort. Expect this figure to rise tomorrow as there has been constant snow all morning since last measurement at 6am settling heavy on the Bogong High Plains Road as far down as Bogong Village.

Earlier in the season you could have been forgiven for writing off 2015 as a season to forget but Mother Nature's tardiness has been more than made up for. With 1m+ (not to mention a decent amount still sitting firm in the forecast) August is looking like a classic time to be at Falls Creek. But all of this is to worry about at another time. For those at the resort right now we are looking at one of the best days of the season with loads of soft powdery snow across the entire resort just waiting to go and be carved up.